An agreement has been made between Central Finance and NIBL Capital on 1st of Bhadra, 2074 for the issuance of right shares. Central Finance has appointed NIBL Capital as the Issue Manager for issuing its right shares at the ratio of 2 shares equal to 1 share (i.e. 2:1).

The agreement was signed between Mr. Rajoj Man Shrestha, CEO of Central Finance and Mr. Mekh Bahadur Thapa, General Manager of NIBL Capital Markets Ltd. Cental Finance shall be issuing 2,603,314 units of rights at the rate of NPR 100 per share.

After the issuance of right shares, the paid up capital of Central Finance shall increase from the current amount of NPR 520 million to the total paid up capital of NPR 780 million. The company earned NPR 90.9 million in the fourth quarter of the FY 2073/74.