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Book Closure Notice of Dev Bikas Bank

The Book closure date of Deva Bikas Bank for Bonus distribution is 2074/07/22 (2017/11/08) to 2074/07/29 (2017/11/15). Only the shareholders holding shares before the given period are eligible for...

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Auction Notice of Muktinath Bikas Bank

Muktinath Bikas Bank is auctioning unsubscribed right share of  27,765.51 units of promoter  share and 1,35,037.53 units of public share from 2074/07/23 to 2074/07/30. please follow the link below...

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Right Share Time Extension of RSDC

The Rights Issue Open Date of RSDC has been extended to 2074/7/20 from previous mentioned date 2074/7/5. Shareholders are requested to submit the application form within 2074/7/20....

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