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About NIBL Pragati Fund



1.General Features



Fund Name

NIBL Mutual Fund

Scheme Name

NIBL Pragati Fund

Scheme Type


Fund Size  

NRs. 60 Crores; it may reach maximum up to NRs. 75 crores (25% more) if oversubscribed as allowed by the prevailing regulation on Mutual Funds. 

NFO Price per Unit

NRs. 10


7 years

NFO Units

6 Crore Units

Minimum Units to Apply

100 units

Maximum Units to Apply

60 lakh units

Dividend payout Strategy

  • Dividends will be paid out of net profits in proportion to investments made.
  • Retained earnings will be reinvested.

Will be Listed and Traded in

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)



2.Fund Sponsor

Nepal Investment Bank Limited

3.Fund Supervisors

a.Mr. Madhukar SJB Rana

Masters in economics with more than 46 years of experience in teaching profession and economist.

b.Dr. Bimal Prasad Koirala

PHD in economics with more than 30 years of experience in various government administration, industries and economic sector.  

c.Dr. Shambhu  Ram Simkhada

PHD International relation with more than 28 years of experience on various national and international organizations.

d.Dr. Durgesh Man Singh 

PHD in Economics and expert in financial and political sector.

e.Mr. Jitendra Bahadur Raj Bhandary

Chartered accountants with more than 36 years of experience in the field of auditing. 

4.Fund Manager and



NIBL Capital Markets Limited.

5.Scheme Auditor

S.R. Pandey & CO. ,Chartered Accountants – Radhakrishna Marga , Kathmandu

6.Fund Manager Auditor

G & G Associates , Chartered Accountants – Gairidhara Kathmandu

7.Assets Allocation

a. Securities listed in Nepal stock Exchange Ltd.

b. Initial and further public offerings of securities.

c. Deposit in the Banks and Financial institutions.

d. Other sectors as approved by the SEBON ( investment will be made as per the approval obtained from SEBON)

8.Audit and the fiscal year to be followed

The audit of the fund shall be done every year based on Nepali Calendar starting from 1st of Shrawan till End of Ashadh.

9.Cost of the fund


The cost of the fund shall be as follows:

a.Scheme registration and issue fee 

0.1 % or minimum five lacs whichever is higher for registration and issue fee shall be as per the agreement with issue manager.


Allotment Notice









News/Press Release

Rights Issue open of Kamana Bikas Bank

The Rights Issue (10:3) of Kamana Bikas Bank Ltd starts from today (2074/03/11). The application submission date ends on 2074/04/15.

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