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Merchant Banking Activities

Shikhar Insurance Registrar to Shares

NIBL Capital Markets Ltd. has been appointed as the RTS of Shikhar Insurance Company Lts. (SICL) as of 2071/04/01 (17 July 2014) by the Board of Directors of SICL. 

Please click for the announcement: SICL RTS Announcement 


Shikhar Insurance Right Share Auction (Ordinary)

The Right Share auction for Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd. will start on 2071/03/10 (24 June 2014) and will close on 2071/03/16 (30 June 2014).  The auction is for 10,157 unsubscribed ordinary right shares.

 Please click for details: Shikhar Insurance Right Share Auction 

Shikhar Insurance Right Share

The Right Share issuance for Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd. will start on 2070/12/30 (13 April 2014) and will close on 2071/02/04 (18 May 2014). The book closure date for the issuance is 2070/12/19 (2 April 2014).Only those who have bought shares of the company upto one trading day before the book closure date and have sent their certificates for name transfer within seven working days of the book closure date will be eligible for the right shares. SICL plans to raise Rs. 87.5 million rupees via the right share issuance.


  • Issuance: 2:1
  • Size: 8,75,000 shares
  • Face Value: Rs. 100

Mega Bank IPO

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Mega Bank will commence on June 2 and will close on June 5 at the earliest. Mega Bank has planned the IPO allotment by the end of the current fiscal year.

6.99 Million shares will be issued at par value of Rs. 100 per share to raise Rs. 699 Million. The bank is issuing 30% of its paid-up capital to the public via the IPO.

Some useful details:

- Minimum units for application = 50 units (Rs. 5,000); Maximum = 2 Lakh units (Rs. 2 crores)
- Applied units MUST be even and divisible by 10
- Payment above Rs. 50,000 MUST be made in A/C payee cheque
- For individuals , PAN compulsory for application above Rs. 10 Lakh (single applicant)

Please click on the links below to download the pertinent documents.

Mega Bank IPO Documents

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