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API Power IPO for Locals

Api Power is opening its IPO for Locals from 19/10/2071 to 4/11/2071 (earliest) or 24/11/2071 (latest). The issue kitta is 1,000,000 kitta..

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NIBL Bonus Share Distribution

15% Bonus Certificates for Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. for 2070/71 will be distributed from the premises of NIBL Capital Markets. Ltd. from Sunday January 11, 2014

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NIBL Samriddhi Fund – I

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. has received approval from SEBON for its first mutual fund scheme, NIBL Samriddhi Fund -1 on 30 Kartik 2071..

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NIBL Mutual Fund

NIBL has received approval from SEBON to launch its first Mutual Fund Scheme – Samriddhi Mutual Fund I. NIBL Capital Markets Ltd.

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